I Got the Blues

7 Aug

Hey folks – summer is cresting and it will be fall in no time. But you can look forward to a summer trend review post later this month recapping several of our favorite looks from surfers, as well as a fall shopping list post to help you determine what you need to achieve the spirit of this fall. We aren’t into copycatting the runway, instead we invite you to invoke the sensibility of a season…poetic huh?

Until then, enjoy a cool post on a really easy trend to incorporate in any season: The Blue Work Shirt. Bon Appetit!

This gyal really knows how to work proportions, textures and tones. A slightly oversized, slightly denim-looking work shirt can appear sloppy, especially when dressed down with jeans. But here, it’s tucked into low-rise, slim fitting, well-kept jean shorts whose cuffed leg echoes the cuffed sleeve above. It looks deliberate. Not to mention the shirt is nicely pressed (wrinkles can be unforgiving on work shirts) and the sleeves are folded NOT rolled up. A metal belt nicely ties together the fuller top with the slim-cut bottom. She looks neat yet casual, opting for an oversized yet structured handbag with some hardware. This is an easy day look that only requires a little attention to details. And to make it pop for evening, one could switch out the larger black purse for a more colorful clutch, some bling and heels.

Another example of the design being in the details, this guy has matched his rolled-sleeve work shirt to rolled bottoms (this time they are slim-fitting khakis). Be sure to use bootcut, skinny, tapered or slim pants when trying this look, otherwise you will get wide, bulky cuffs that swing when you walk haha!

The high pants show off a great pair of neutral boat shoes…and some sexy ankles! And his skinny plaid necktie (channeling the late 50s/early 1960s) puts a polished retro spin on the whole look. But what we adore is the knapsack peeking out from behind. We love the leather or army-style backpack for fall, it says “Back-to-School season, grown and sexy style”. Check out some options below:

(Left) Forever 21 men’s Rugged Canvas Back Pack – $25.90

(Center) Corpse Clothing Angels & Airwaves Backpack – $70

(Right) Fossil Kenya Back Pack in Cognac – $178

iPod Selection of the Day: Train Drummers

These two gentlemen play the drums on the train. They are fantastic musicians and incredibly inspiring, encouraging surfers to smile and enjoy their music. They have an underlining message of spreading an extra bit of positivity and encouragement to their fellow young black men. So today, we’re bobbing our heads to their beats and soaking up their positive energy!

Cool Ass Shit

Yes this is a bike covered with crochet…can something be covered with crochet or would it be ‘crocheted’? But check it, even the kickstand is covered. Doesn’t look rideable, so perhaps it’s a public art piece. You can find it usually locked up along Essex street right outside of the Delancey stop on the F, in case you want to try taking it for a spin!

Money Can’t Buy You Class – For the Ladies

28 Jul

We promised we’d post on the classy ladies Surfin the F this summer and here they are!

We adore this young woman. She’s definitely got style to say the least – her neutrals are on point, especially against that fantastic red lipstick (not the best picture, we’ll do better next time). But it’s the effortlessness of it all that we LOVE. The look feels casual yet clean, age-appropriate yet youthful and fresh. The suede flats are in a great color, not quite flesh-toned but not full-on gray either. The blouse and skirt skim her toned arms and legs without being too tight and constricting in the heat. And the bangs, well everyone needs to try a bang once in their lives. Below are two options (one dressy and one for the fall) that play with a similar neutral color palette in skin-skimming fabrics *images from The Sartorialist.Blogspot.Com

The young lady below is also doin it big with neutrals but she jazzes it up with a fantastic gold necklace that compliments her tan skin tone. This necklace would work with an off white blouse but the dark gray really makes it pop. We will forgive the flip flops cuz it was after work and we all know how relieving it is to slip those heels off after a long day. But it would’ve been great to see what heel she’d choose – nude is always safe because it elongates the leg line but a nice pale pink would be super seasonal and fun! She’s already painted her toes that shade!

And finally, this girlie has got a lot going on from florals to aztec print, not to mention all the bags she’s lugging around. However with all of that weight, she maintains her cool and even comes off as poised. Maybe it’s the tunes she’s listening to but whatever it is, we want some. Talk about grace under pressure.

iPod Selection of the Day: “Why Don’t You Love Me”  by Beyonce

Bey for the Ladies!

Cool Ass Shit

Holy smokes it’s Zoey Barkow (real name Merritt Wever) from Showtime’s Nurse Jackie! Obsessed with the show, obsessed with her. Had to sneak a pic! She’s a fantastic actress and plays the hell outta Zoey. Learn more about the series here!

Money Cant Buy You Class – The Men’s Post

23 Jul

Gotta love the self-aggrandizing nature of Bravo’s Real Housewives. “Money Cant Buy You Class”, recorded by the howling NYCeee housewife Countess whatever, burned up the charts…well sort of. And the newest housewives of DC we’re sure will be no different…we predict “Diary of a White House Party Crasher” to be a number one bestseller.

But the title of the song, however absurd the actual lyrics are, provides a good lead-in for this post. There are some classy folks surfin the F this summer and it isnt how much money they spent on their looks that matters, its the way in which they pulled them off. We will split this post into two parts, guys and gals – we know you’re giddy with excitement but dont piss your pants just yet.

Here’s to the prophetic words of the Countess and the Dashing Dudes of the F.

What do all of these classy guys have in common? A stand-out piece that is complimented by the overall look. While these pics were taken in late spring/early summer, the principles apply in any season. Neutrals (navy, gray, beige, brown) are a great base for highlighting the star of an outfit – a seasonal hat, white bright kicks, or a butter leather attache in the looks above. And it is no coincidence that these gentlemen are each rockin’ blazers – they never go out of style, only the shapes change (over-sized shoulders, double breasted, 3/4 sleeve, slim cut). And as the limits of fashion androgyny are pushed by everyday men,we will continue to see gendered outerwear worn in unique ways on the opposite sex (boyfriend jeans were not the beginning and certainly wont be the end).

But the fact that the blazers are Navy just does it for us. It’s a neutral that takes a bit of risk to wear (you wont be able to use navy the same way you use black), but when done correctly it brings a polish and controlled flare that other colors just cant offer. It looks best in concert with other neutrals (beige, brown and gray ala look # 3) and can punch up black skinnies in a cinch (look #2). If you are wearing something patterned with even the faintest blue tone (ala the hat trim in look #1), the navy will pick it up well. And for a little DIY action, try switching out boring flat buttons for brass ones. A navy blazer (for a guy or a girl) will serve you well in any season, from wool in the winter to linen in the summer.

Check out this youngster who plays classical piano in the Herald Square subway station. He looks like a transplant from the 1930s Atlantic City boardwalk! Kid is dapper down to his toes, so you sloppy dudes out there have no excuse.

iPod Selection of the Day: “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson

Four-eyed girls stand up! There’s power in our frames, yo!

Guess Who’s Bizack?!

19 Jul

World Wide Webbers, we’re sorry yo! We got caught up with summer, new adventures on the horizon of life, and of course being perpetual procrastinators. Because of these things (mostly the last thing), we have kept you hanging. We hope you have not given up on us…because we haven’t given up on you (slow moving tear down the cheek). But for real, our bad.

Now enough of this sap, let’s get to it.

Summer in NYCeeee has been burning, epically hot, monstrously humid and so unbearable that the train has been a relief. We’ve seen some cute summer trends but studding may be our favorite hold-over from the cooler seasons.

Studs were big, dare we say HUGE this fall, winter AND spring, appearing on suede booties, leather purses, and all manner of jackets. While these PYTs above didn’t stud their own accessories, they sure rocked the hell outta some store-bought ones. On the left we have Flats…always a must in the city that tears down a heel without regret. And on the right, a studded open-toed sandal looks deliberately fashionable yet youthful when paired with hardware on your purse. Just don’t go overboard unless you’re trying to make a statement…like “I need to find a new hobby besides studding”. A little goes a long way so don’t be afraid to rock your tougher side, especially with a contrasting feminine outfit. Who doesn’t love a good fashion juxtaposition?!

Some outstanding fashionistas (cough cough our fave personal style blogger Karen below @ WhereDidUGetThat.com) found a way to accent their Chuck Taylors even! While we’re all about DIY, we’ve have had “BUY STUDS” on our to do list for about 6 months (we procrastinate, we’ve been over this already). So if you are more industrious than us, pick up a pack at Mood Designer Fabrics in the city here or order online from Studs and Spikes.

iPod Selections of the Day: King of Sorrow by Sade and Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone

If either of these Women don’t stir something up in you, we don’t know who can. You can taste the blood, sweat and tears these icons have poured into their music. Every line is swollen with emotion. So Drink Up.

Cool Ass Shit: Self-explanatory, so just check it

Don’t know if this Altoids iPod holder was bought or made but it’s, well…some cool ass shit!

Welcome Back, Carter

11 Mar

So when we signed up for this gig, we totally didn’t expect to be this busy with our day job … or this lazy when it comes to posting.  After a nudge from a fan to burn the midnight oil and get it done, we’ve decided to do just that! So hang on tight… this one’s gonna be a doozy!

March of the Denim

Plain and simple, we have NEVER seen denim (on denim on denim) done so well. The key is obviously to never match your washes (jean jacket is a different color than the jeans and the denim button down). But this awesome guy takes it to the next level with a great brown distressed shoe and (non-denim) jacket that brings all the shades of bleu together. Bravo le bleu, BRAVO.

This gentle lady also does denim justice.  She’s rocking the Rachel Zoe look of wide leggs and heels. Our anonymous Jane (you know you like the whiteout eyes) proves that it’s all about proportion. Even from her seat, we can tell that her wide hemline isn’t overwhelming her frame, in part because of a coat in a loose shape with some visual interest at the collar which draws the eye up toward the face… yes we’ve been watching a lot of What Not To Wear, don’t judge.

Style recommendation – a closet full of skinny jeans is NOT where it’s at no matter your age.  Slip into a comfy yet CHIC pair of (DARK WASH) wide legs, throw on a nice platform heel so your hem stays in tact but your feet wont ache like with stilettos, balance your proportions and go about your business.  I promise, you wont miss doing any of the skinny jean following: 1) pulling from the calf inch by inch just to (eventually) get them over your hips  2) hiding your crack with your hand when picking up a pen   3) doing the tippy toe shimmy while pulling from your belt loop to keep those suckers up all day. *Check out some options above in two different price ranges (Liz Claiborne $58, Old Navy plus size $30)

You can thank me later!

What a dapper older fellow! We wish our grandpa had this man’s style… although papa has some mean vintage Lacoste golf shirts that we cant even hate on. Anywho, this gentleman knows how to work his color palette. The brown scarf and gloves pick up some of the brown tints in these great denim pants and that graying black leather bomber is dull enough not to outshine those shoes. And notice the detailing of the jacket – the wide collar and the stretch panel down the arms.  It all works together in harmony. Who said black and brown dont go…not us! Keeping it in the same color palette creates instant interest and working the details makes it FIERRRRRCE (per Ms. Tyra who debuted cycle 573 of ANTM last night where the girls did go-sees on the Moon!)

Larry David Question of the Day: We are replacing this question with a comment… a rather non-LD comment but it needs to be said. While there are so many inconsiderate people out there on the F train (we like to think of them as crashers rather than surfers), there are some really decent folks out there too. This guy below is one of them. Despite his heavy load, he politely offered a middle-aged woman a seat when one opened up (even though she declined). It may not seem like much, but we’ve seen many “males”  knock a chick over (be she granny or preggers) to pop a squat for 2 stops. We always give those dudes a full minute of evil glare followed by some side eye action so he’ll really feel the burn. But today, we got to smile at a decent Man… and that’s a beautiful thing!

iPod Selection of the Day: Coffeelocks by Gavin Castleton – amazing work of art channeling the Beach Boys with just a twinge of Regina Spektor.  Somewhere in beachy heaven Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello are grooving to Gavin’s melodies.

Yo, did anyone catch the premiere of that new CW reality show High Society? It’s a hot mess and we love it! Here’s to taxing trust funds one day… fingers crossed!

Stand and Deliver

4 Feb

So, it’s virtual day two of this thing and we’re still kickin’. We’ve even gotten a few comments…thanks MOM! We know it’s been about 2 weeks since our first post (and you’ve been holding your breath a really long time in protest of our absence) but we decided to take a trip to South East Asia. Don’t you want us to expand our horizons? We’ll take that as a resounding YES! So today’s post (and probably a few hereafter) will integrate the learnings and experiences of our travels, all from our perspective as a train-rider of course.

We’ve got lots to discuss so let’s get on it with it.

The Long Walk Home

This is Ron. We met him on the train to the airport. He was drafted to serve in Vietnam. He didn’t go, but his buddies did. They all died and since 1972, Ron has lived his life barefoot in commemoration of their legacies. Ron eventually realized that Veterans who did return home were struggling with the re-entry process after serving their country, oftentimes in treacherous combat zones. His journey and mission grew to address a need he saw, stemming from his personal experiences. Ron is a cool-ass dude making a difference. He told us, when we asked about his uh…not wearing shoes bit, that a few years ago he would’ve punched us in the face or told us to fuck off for asking. We’re glad this was not a few years ago (he doesn’t want it with us anyway – we know Karate). And we’re glad we got to chat with him (instead of being afraid of his shoe-less-ness). To help support his cause, click on the link above for his site or just click HERE cuz we know our readers are lazy as hell and don’t want to scroll up.

How to Wear it Right

So check it – these two fellas decided to rock similar-looking jackets today and it helps us  illustrate the ways in which one can assert a personal style. The uber-stylish dude on the left paired his cropped suede fur collar parka with: a modern twist on the harem pant complete with side zippers, black suede loafers, Ralph Lauren Polo-esque socks (for a pop of color) and a blue pattern collared shirt buttoned up to the top. And his leather backpack had the perfect amount of wear and tear to look aged but not abused. With unique shapes and pops of color, a dark color palette can be transformed into something all your own. Or you can rock it like homeboy on the right–with jeans and sneakers. It’s your call but you know what I would do

WTF Moment: Give us a great caption for this WTF Moment and we’ll post it…you’ll be famous! We promise

*Yep those are monks…

Next Stop: Here’s what we’re working on in the near future. Feel free to giggle uncontrollably.

We’ve always been fascinated by street performers. When we were little, we would pitch a fit anytime we saw some jerkoff laughing at someone just trying to hustle and share their talent. Imagine a 10 year old mean-muggin a grown ass man, it was vicious. Fast forward a few years and here we are trying to promote folks who’ve got talent to share and a story to tell. This gentleman serenaded us to Happy Birthday because he said we were American 🙂

Stay Tuned for More

iPod Selection for this AM: Nothing, we had to hum to ourselves because our blasted iPod decided to give us the blank stare today. Here’s hoping tomorrow it decides to act right.

Hello world!

13 Jan

In the immortal words of Martin Payne, “Wazzup Wazzup Wazzuuuuuup!”  Welcome everyone to the hottest blog in blogospace, where we use our daily commute on the fly ass F train as fodder for all that is fashionable, hilarious, ridiculous or noteworthy.  I think I’m gonna stick with referring to myself as “we”, ride it out for a while.  Apparently it’s called First Person Plural, go figya!  Anyway, WE plan to share our opinion on different cool stuff on the train ride to and from work (yes, we too have a daytime gig…for now)  using an iphone camera since it’s inconspicuous.  We’ll look into upgrading but for now, you’ll take what you can get and you’ll like it! And we’re not going to soften that blow with a smiley face…clearly that chip on our shoulder is heavy, huh? lol

But let’s get on with it, shall we?

Koffee and Kafka

Can we just say one word here? GANGSTER.  Not only is this fantastic woman reading a BOOK (a relic in these times of kindle-nookness), but she’s drinking her morning brew from an actual coffee mug, saving the planet by avoiding one ugly cardboard cup at a time! But we asked, what if it spills on her or on US for that matter? We’d have to smack her, but after a few minutes we’d smile and think:  She’s super awesome for bucking convention and demanding the comforts of home during her commute. Oh, to be so audacious!

Ok, step one – quit whining about the blurriness, its an iphone people not a Nikon.  Step two – check the freshness of this gentlemen. It’s easy to throw on too many trends at once. It’s also easy to turn your look into a costume (i.e. alumberjack in head to toe flannel). But this dude is “doin it and doin it and doin it WELL”. An ex of ours was ALL OVER this LL Bean rubber moccasin boot kick like 8 years ago and a good friend put us onto them several months ago. But this fall, this trend has really taken off. They’re a great alternative to sneakers, Tims or dress shoes and they add a bit of intrigue (like, does he or doesnt he chop wood?), not to mention a nice color palette.  Homeboy served them well by cuffing his dark wash jeans and adding a pop of color to his navy wool jacket with a flannel scarf.  We tip our hat to that!

Larry David Question of the Day – For all those super splashy people out there who think of wholly inappropriate questions and occasionally act on the indigence they produce ala Larry David (co-creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm), we present the Larry David Question of the Day.  ENJOY!

If you’re big enough to take up 1.5 seats on the train, is it incumbent upon you to stand up and let 2 people sit? OR are you taking up less standing room and allowing more passengers to ride by sitting down? OR do we deserve the finger for even asking?

iPod selections for this AM: “This too shall pass” by India Arie – and a prayer for the people of Haiti. If you don’t know what’s going on there, GET A CLUE. To make a donation through the US state department: TEXT the word “HAITI” to 90999 or go to redcross.org

WTF Moment: Give us a great caption for this WTF Moment and we’ll post it…you’ll be famous! I promise

*Ordinarily this will be an image but I couldn’t snap this one quick enough so my mighty words must suffice*          Some otherwise nondescript dude walked onto the train chugging a Red Bull, shoveling fistfulls of Haribo Gummies into his mouth and clutching a Star magazine like it was the Holy Bible…WHO ARE YOU and WHERE ARE YOU GOING that you need those three things to get your morning on and poppin? Readers, any uber hilarious answers to these questions? OR are you this guy?

To Do List:

Hit up MOOD for some studs…you always love it more when you DIY

Pay parking tickets…mutherFers

Prepare our brain for the stupendousness that is PROJECT RUNWAY season 7 premiere tomorrow!